WHO Skips Two Letters in Greek Alphabet in Naming Omicron Variant, Avoiding a ‘Xi Variant’

As recently as Friday, the new, far scarier, ten million times more lethal COVID variant was called the Nu variant, as Rick Moran noted, is “bigger, taller, faster, more lethal, and more deadly than any other variant in history. They call it the ‘Nu’ variant because nu is the 13th letter of the Greek alphabet and this is the 13th variant discovered.” No sooner did the Nu variant burst upon us, however, that we started hearing about yet another variant, which, since we’re using the Greek alphabet here, should have been named the “Xi variant,” after the Greek letter that follows Nu. Yet the new global menace for which we must surrender still more of our civil liberties and normal way of life is instead called the “Omicron variant,” which turns out to be the new name of the Nu. Or rather, there is no Nu, it’s Omicron.

Confused? Join the club. It was reported Friday evening that the World Health Organization (WHO) has skipped two Greek letters in naming the new variant, going from the little-known global menace called the Mu variant straight to the Omicron variant. The WHO left out the Nu for reasons that Abbott and Costello could best explain: “There’s a new COVID variant.” “Oh yeah? What’s it called.” “Nu.” “Yeah, but what’s it called?” And so on happily. We can’t have people laughing and poking fun at COVID variants; that would destroy the whole terrify-the-populace-into-submission aspect.

But why did the WHO top dogs leave out the “Xi variant”? Could it possibly have to do with the fact that the president of the People’s Republic of China is named Xi, and that we have all been admonished for nearly two years now that to call COVID the “China virus” or “Wuhan virus” is racist beyond measure and far outside the bounds of polite discourse? – READ MORE