VIDEOS: Liberté! 150,000 Protest Against Vaccine Passports in France

The movement against vaccine passports in France extended to over 150 towns and cities on Saturday, with 150,000 protesters estimated to have taken to the streets against President Emmanuel Macron’s draconian coronavirus restrictions.

For the third week in a row, hundreds of thousands took to the streets of France, following President Macon’s pronouncement that health papers would become mandatory for daily life in the country, such as going to the cafe, eating in a restaurant, or getting on a train.

Protesters in Paris clashed with police, who fired tear gas grenades at the anti-vaccine passport demonstrators as they reached the Place de la République square in the French capital. Police later used water cannons to try to disperse the crowds at the former site of the Bastille.

The prefect of Paris, Didier Lallement, amassed some 3,000 police officers and Gendarmerie in the city to control the protest.

According to La Chaîne Info, at least 38,000 people demonstrated on Saturday throughout south-eastern France, with numbers growing in Montpellier and Marseille. In total, some 150,000 are believed to have joined the marches on Saturday.- READ MORE