Video Of Live Bats In Wuhan Lab Reveals Daszak Lied In Now-Deleted Tweet

The cover-up of the probability that COVID-19 was deliberately created in the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) has had profound consequences for the entire world, preventing early detection and countermeasures, as well as derailing informed research.

One key element of that cover-up was the hiding of the fact that the Wuhan lab was working on bats, because the virus was a variant of an existing bat-borne virus. The cover story, that a wet market led to the dispersal of COVID-19, would have looked awfully weak had it been known that the WIV was creating new viruses from bats. Both the World Health Organization and Peter Daszak, who acted as an investigator for WHO, outright denied that the WIV had live bats in its research facility.

Australian journalist Sheri Markson has come into possession of stunning video from China uncovered by an underground research group that calls itself “Drastic” that shows live bats at the WIV and much, much more. The newly uncovered video was produced by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in May 2017 commemorating the opening of WIV. – READ MORE


      1. Everyone that has listened knew all this 14 months i still can’t believe it’s 14 months ago. Part of me thought they wouldn’t do this but now we all know how awful the haves are.