US Government Allocates $3.2 Billion For COVID-19 Antiviral Pills

The Department of Health and Human Services will invest $3.2 billion to develop and manufacture COVID-19 antiviral medicines, it announced Thursday.

The initiative, funded as part of the American Rescue Plan, is designed to accelerate research into antivirals as well as build platforms for urgent response to future viral threats, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) said in a statement Thursday. Specifically, the plan expands antiviral clinical trials, forms partnerships between health agencies and pharmaceutical companies, and funds “drug discovery groups” tasked with innovating new antiviral medicines.

“New antivirals that prevent serious COVID-19 illness and death, especially oral drugs that could be taken at home early in the course of disease, would be powerful tools for battling the pandemic and saving lives,” said chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci in the statement.

Antiviral drugs work by preventing the coronavirus from replicating and spreading, impeding the virus’s infection process, according to The New York Times. Antivirals are most effective in the early days of infection when the virus hasn’t yet spread throughout the body.

While research efforts will initially be focused on COVID-19 antivirals, the door is left open to “other viruses with pandemic potential”, according to the statement.

The plan also introduces a framework for prioritizing antiviral medicines for Food and Drug Administration authorization and approval. This comes following the Biden administration’s purchase of 1.7 million antivirals from pharmaceutical giant Merck, which has yet to go through pending FDA authorization.READ MORE


  1. So they cannot get people to get the injections so now they are going to try to add it to some new medication? No thank you, I took HCQ when I got COVID last December and I was over it in 3 days. Mind you, I am 64 yo with history of asthma and severe allergies.
    This is just another Faucinstein way to get his mad medicine experiment going. Don’t trust it, won’t use it, he can go to hell with all his monkeys.

  2. Just another name for the vaccines, call it anti-viral medicine so people will take it blindly. Hard pass. Again, if the government is behind it, run the other way as fast as your feet can take you.

  3. Merck came out with a statement disparaging the use of Ivermectin for COVID-19. This is a common tactic for drug companies. They will have the inexpensive generic drug removed from the market, tweak the formula, and reintroduce it as a new brand name (expensive and patented) product. It happened with colchicine for gout, they used “destination of the ozone” for albuterol, and effective, inexpensive insulin products that had been used successfully for years were pulled and replaced by new and improved products (patented and expensive)