U.S. Iran Envoy: Biden Admin Preparing for ‘World Where Iran Doesn’t Have Constraints on Its Nuclear Program’

U.S. Iran envoy Robert Malley says the Biden administration is preparing for a “world where Iran doesn’t have constraints on its nuclear program,” comments that show how little progress has been made in negotiations with Tehran aimed at securing a return to the 2015 nuclear accord.

Malley, during a televised talk on Wednesday with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said the United States has been talking to its allies about options for dealing with a fully operational and unrestricted Iranian nuclear program.

“We have to prepare for a world—which we’re doing now in consultation with our partners from the region—about a world where Iran doesn’t have constraints on its nuclear program and we have to consider options for dealing with that, which is what we’re doing even as we hope that we can get back to the deal. Iran is giving us its answer by what it’s doing and not doing every day,” Malley said.

Iran flagrantly violates restrictions on its nuclear program that were applied under the 2015 accord. This includes uranium enrichment to levels needed to fuel a bomb and the resumption of nuclear work that international inspectors say can only be part of an atomic weapons program. Tehran has also blocked nuclear inspectors from entering its most contested nuclear sites.- READ MORE