Tyson Employees Walk Off Job To Protest Vaccine Mandate

A group of around a dozen Tyson Foods employees in West Tennessee took to the streets of Newbern on Wednesday to protest the company’s new vaccine mandate.

The employees say they’re risking their jobs to fight against the recent corporate decision to require all employees to take the Covid-19 vaccine, according to KFVS12.

While nobody from the group would speak on camera to news crews – citing their employment agreements, one local business owner spoke on their behalf.

“Nobody wants to be pressured to do anything, especially to their own body, that they don’t want to do,” said Jill Blessing. “For Tyson to actually say, hey, get the shot or you lose your job, and some of these people, I talked to a girl who has worked here 30 years. And that’s a huge thing to put on somebody when that’s their livelihood.”

Around 650 people work at this particular plant.

One woman, Tristin Garland, says two family members work at two different Tyson locations and are at risk of losing their jobs over the vaccine.

“It’s been very stressful for all of us,” said Garland. “I am a nurse and have seen the good and bad due to this vaccine. And trying to decide between your beliefs, when you are so unsure, or keeping your job of 25 years has just been miserable for us.”- READ MORE


  1. Terrrrrific! Just when they were going to jack up chicken prices. Here is another cash cow for these criminals. And more meat shortages to boot! I’m happy the employees are protesting, it’s just in the long run it’s us who literally end up paying the price. Tyson won’t feel the pinch unless we all just refuse to buy anything from companies requiring the jab

    1. Yeah, as if it wasn’t bad enough that they were already raising the prices. Going back to buying an organic brand that’s more expensive, but tired of giving Tyson my $$. I only buy the nuggets for my kid. I get me & my husband’s chicken from a local farmer. Can’t wait til my kid gets out of his ‘I’ll only eat chicken nuggets” phase😂 I do feel bad for the employees brave enough to stand up. They give 30 yrs to a company who’s basically saying now, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. There’s no sense of appreciation for loyal employees. Can definitely see the dehumanization of workers over the last 40+ years of my life.

      1. Since I heard the story of how Tyson foods stole an on boat fishing technology through the use of law creation via Ron Brown (Tyson’s are Clinton friends) I never buy their products