Times Columnist Praises Jennifer Aniston for Dropping Unvaxed Friends

Times columnist Hilary Rose has praised Friends star Jennifer Aniston for dropping actual friends and acquaintances who will not disclose their vaccination status, saying: “Hear, hear, Jen, and respect for speaking out.”

Rose, who has been with the British newspaper of record since 1996, backed the 52-year-old actress in a column titled ‘I’m like Jennifer Aniston — I can’t be friends with antivaxers either’ — although her article was clear that she is cutting out “ditherers” as well as committed sceptics.

“To be clear, I’m not talking about the rabid antivaxer conspiracy theorists, who foam at the mouth in Trafalgar Square. They’re beyond help and indeed contempt,” the columnist sneered.

“I’m talking about the ostensibly rational people we all know, who get their news from social media… the people who fret about the vanishingly small risk of a blood clot, instead of the brutal reality of long Covid,” she said, adding that she “know[s] people who are quietly not invited to parties at the moment because they’re dithering and liable to want to talk about it”.

Rose explained that she has herself chosen to outsource her views on the question of vaccination to the expert consensus, admitting: “I scraped a C in biology. I know nothing about vaccines.”- READ MORE