Surrender: Antony Blinken Says U.S. Must Get Taliban Permission to Evacuate Americans

Secretary of State Antony Blinken did not deny that the U.S. must ask the Taliban for permission to get Americans out of Afghanistan during an interview over the weekend, days before President Joe Biden caved to the jihadis’ August 31 evacuation deadline.

Blinken made it clear on Sunday that the Taliban is calling the shots

During the latest edition of CBS’s Face the Nation, host Maj. Elliott Garrett questioned Blinken over the administration’s disastrous handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, which led to the Taliban taking control of the country and declaring victory from Kabul on August 15.

Garrett asked, “Someone in our audience might listen to you, Mr. Secretary, and say, ‘Oh, so we have to ask the Taliban for permission for American citizens to leave.’ True or not true?”

“They are in control of Kabul. That is the reality. That’s the reality that we have to deal with,” Blinken replied.

Garrett followed up, “How comfortable are you with that, Mr. Secretary?”

“What I’m focused on, what we’re all focused on is getting people out and making sure that we’re doing everything possible to do that. And in this case, it is, I think, a requirement of the job is to be in contact with the Taliban, which controls Kabul,” Bliken responded. – READ MORE