RINO Massachusetts Governor Considering Jab Passports That Could Be Used For All Sorts Of Things

Republican Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker admitted this week that he is considering implementing jab passports in his state.

In a new interview on Monday, Baker said that he wants to team up with other states to give people QR codes that will show that they have been dosed with an experimental shot against COVID-19.

“It’s a universal standard, and we’ve been working with a bunch of other states, there’s probably 15 or 20 of them, to try to create a single QR code that can be used for all sorts of things where people may choose to require a vaccine,” Baker said, going on to add that he already has a code for himself because “it’s my proof that I’ve been vaccinated.”

Baker went on to say that booster shots are so in “demand” that people have to schedule them a week or two in advance.

“Now, they may not be in the place somebody wants to go to get one,” he said. “And it may be a week or ten days out or two weeks out before they can get one. But given the fact that we have far more demand now that we had a couple of weeks ago, we’re going to see if we can increase our capacity to do more.” – READ MORE