Report: PGA Tour Fires Pregnant Reporter After Denying Her Religious Vax Exemption Request

Former PGA Tour reporter Teryn Gregson, who is roughly three months pregnant, claims that the Tour fired her after denying her request for a religious exemption for the mandatory coronavirus vaccine.

Gregson says that she was fired last Friday, and she charges the Tour with violating her freedom of religion.

“On Friday, I was fired by the PGA Tour. I was in need of religious exemptions from their vaccine protocols of masking and testing,” Gregson explained in a Facebook video. “They would not accommodate me in such a way that I did not have to violate my religious beliefs.

The PGA Tour notified employees that starting on November 1, those returning to the offices after working from home for the last 20 months will be required to be fully vaccinated. And those allowed an exemption must wear masks at all times.

Gregson is an open and active Christian and even has a religious-grounded blog that she frequently updates that focuses on her religious ideas coupled with her life in golf and broadcasting.- READ MORE