Report: Kabul Airport Gates Being ‘Welded Shut,’ Expediting Withdrawal After Kabul Bombings That Killed Four U.S. Marines

The gates of the airport in Kabul are reportedly being “welded shut,” according to a reporter with the Military Times.

Reporter Howard Altman wrote on Twitter that “Our sources on the ground tell us gates are being welded shut.”

Altman’s report follows a similar tweet from The Washington Post’s Liz Sly, who said earlier Thursday morning: “The Kabul airport attack has nixed hopes of evacuation for the last thousands still hoping to make it out. Am hearing the US military is sealing shut the airport gates. The casualty numbers are growing by the minute. A tragedy piled on a tragedy.”

Sly added that evacuations are still ongoing inside the airport, but anyone who is still outside may be stranded.

“To be clear, evacuations of those inside the airport will continue. But I am trying to get people out and am told no one who is not already inside will now be admitted. There are thousands who have been been [sic] unable to reach the airport,” Sly said. – READ MORE