Poll: Majority of Democrat Capitol Hill Aides Believe Republicans Will Retake House Majority in 2022

Less than half of Democrat senior Capitol Hill aides, 48 percent, believe Democrats can keep the House in the 2022 midterms, the first time a majority of Democrat aides felt this way, according to a poll released Wednesday.

The number of Democrats who believed the Democrats could keep the House after the midterm is down by four points since June, showing a good sign for Republicans, according to a Punchbowl News poll.

Ninty-seven percent of the Republicans said they believe they can take back the House. However, since Punchbowl News started their polling, Republican staffers have consistently believed they can take back the House.

Seventy-two overall believe that the Republicans can regain the Hosue majority. This number is up by two percent since June.

Punchbowl News noted this is the first time a majority of Democrats aides said that their party would lose the House majority in the midterms.

The poll added that Democrats in key House races have started to retire, like the embattled Wisconsin Democrat Rep. Ron Kind, which adds to growing concern from staffers about the House majority and their jobs. – READ MORE