Manhattan District Attorney Candidate Plans To Offer Alternatives To Incarceration For All Crimes, Including Rape, Murder

A Manhattan district attorney candidate has sworn to provide alternatives for all crimes, including rape and murder, as well as not prosecuting low-level offenses, according to an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

Tahanie Aboushi is currently running as a progressive under the Democratic ticket, with plans of altering prosecutorial powers for certain crimes, including a range of misdemeanors and specific felonies, the WSJ reported. Aboushi’s campaign has vowed to hold prosecutors to a higher standard and cut district office budgets by at least 50%.

Aboushi told the WSJ that she would provide an alternative-to-incarceration program “in every case” with no exceptions, including for crimes such as gunpoint robbery, rape, and even murder. She has received a bevy of celebrity endorsements, including from Rashida Tlaib, Shaun King, and Bernie Sanders as a result of her progressive policies.

Aboushi still hasn’t made it out of her primary, however, and if she doesn’t make it past the seven other candidates, her fallback is to run on the Working Families Party ticket, the WSJ reported.

Her inspiration for running, according to the campaign website, is from her father’s experience with the justice system.READ MORE