‘Left Winger’ Bill Ackman Says Kyle Rittenhouse Is “A Patriot Who Acted In Self-Defense”, Media Assumes Twitter Account Hacked

Billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman is likely about to become the new poster-boy for white-supremacy, assigned to the junk heap of ‘wrong’ right-ward-thinking racists as he dares to suggest that Kyle Rittenhouse is an innocent “patriot” and may not be the nazi mass-murderer that the media has constantly defined him as for months. (sarcasm off).

In a well reasoned Twitter thread this evening, Ackman details his thoughts about the Rittenhouse trial, starting with a shocker for many…

“Last night, Neri [Ackman’s wife] and I watched several hours of .#Kylerittenhouse direct testimony and cross examination. We came away believing that #Kyle is telling the truth and that he acted in self defense…

The thread continued… – READ MORE

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