Italian man tried to use fake arm to avoid COVID vaccination: report

An Italian man has been reported to police for fraud after allegedly trying to pass off a silicon mold as his arm so he could get a vaccination card without actually getting a shot, according to reports.

The nurse giving the man the jab wasn’t fooled, however. She said the fake arm felt rubbery and cold and appeared too light-colored and she reported him to police despite him asking her to look the other way, BBC News reported.

The man, in his 50s, had reportedly been suspended from his job in the health care field because he refused to get a vaccine shot, which is mandatory for those workers in Italy.

The European nation has increased its restrictions on unvaccinated citizens; Italians must have a “super green pass,” meaning they’re fully vaccinated or recently recovered from the coronavirus, to go to movie theaters, gyms, train stations or restaurants.- READ MORE