Horowitz: It’s time for state constitutional amendments against bio-fascist government mandates

No earthly king or president or public health official or billionaire technocrat gets to dictate what we must put into our bodies.” ~Rev. Ed Meeks, Towson, Maryland

Outside a few states, no Republican-controlled government has even repudiated the current iteration of COVID fascism, much less immunized the population from future usurpations. Over the past 20 months, the governing elites have successfully established a premise that they can shout “public health emergency” and mandate any form of restriction or action against your body, property, or movement without any due process, transparency, evidentiary standards, oversight, or democratic process. The lesson of the past year is that no such morality or science could ever necessitate such an outcome.

Undoubtedly, Republicans can run Mickey Mouse on the ballot in every state and win big in next year’s midterm elections. But on which principles are they running? Absent an effort to direct the national election towards the raging fire consuming liberty and medical freedom, we will elect the same Republicans who not only fail to put out this fire, but actually add their own lighter fluid against liberty, as most of them agree with Anthony Fauci and company and most aspects of public health tyranny. What if we pursued a national strategy of state constitutional amendments placed on the ballot in as many red states as possible prohibiting bio-medical tyranny and immunizing us from any future attempt to resurrect it?

While it’s nearly impossible to add amendments to the national Constitution, many state constitutions can be amended by some quorum of legislators, a ballot initiative, or a mixture of both. If Republicans in deep red states (and even some swing states) were forced to take a stand, it is quite achievable to successfully get an amendment on the ballot in many states affirming the right to bodily integrity, property, and freedom of movement. It’s time for voters to finally have their say on the most consequential question of our time, if not the entire existence of this country.=READ MORE