Reply To: Any new updates on this?

  • Michael

    July 4, 2021 at 9:48 am

    Bennett running the forensic audit is getting kudos for lack of leaks.

    The audits’ first concern is quality of product and they are not done.

    The routers have NOT been inspected.

    Subpoena was issued. The Soros bought and sold, tin star Sheriff, is holding them back claiming social security numbers and other complete bs being on the routers.

    Patriots suspect inspection on the routers will reveal traffic to China and Germany.

    The audit is still doing work, and the massive amount of information has to analyzed and then generated in a final report…probably mid August…the complete report will be available.

    Patriots are hungry for initial numbers, especially for the number of counterfeit ballots printed in China.

    Arizona héros include Kelli Ward, Rep. Gosar, et. al.

    Gateway Pundit doing great journalism, is all over this…

    Hail Arizona! First state to count the legal votes!