Reply To: War Drums….

  • kathryn.cascadianqueen

    May 25, 2023 at 12:52 pm

    We learned from coof originale that the politicians and media can SAY it is everywhere, dangerous and at whatever level of toxicity or deadliness and vast numbers of people will comply with shutting things down. Even if you have a working geiger counter (and everyone under 50 probably doesn’t even know what that is) and found no local readings, no one would believe you.

    They can ‘condemn as contaminated’ whatever land suits them and zone people out. They can seize water supplies and force a government approved food supply… if you have digital credentials.

    Every kingdom falls. Every regime ends. No matter how strong they appear, no matter how much money they print, no matter what scary story they tell of their power, God wins.

    We are aggressive in love, service and prayer locally. The wife of the local pastor and I started targeting known drug dealers and the biggest one got ousted and is on the run from LE and cartel enforcement. Some ccp investors that created a foothold here have been losing money by the boatload and I think we are getting some ‘friendlies’ from Hong Kong to buy them out.

    If they roll cyberpolygon and nukular scam or coof du jour deluxe, local containment and influence is vital.

    I loved Mike’s game plan for stopping the setup of concentrated problems and hazards. All that and pray prayers that move even the wicked to repent and be helpful or compelled to leave.

    Side note…. sunflowers clean radioactive material out of soil and zoolite could be used to neutralize raised beds or small garden. Happy cheer, no fear.