Reply To: The Long Game….

  • smc

    November 13, 2022 at 7:20 am

    Our Pastor’s planned retirement was in 2020. After 33 years he was preparing us for new leadership and what was to come. Then Covid hit. It did quite a number on us. The new pastor (32) came in as Covid restrictions did not allow us to meet. There was a split in the congregation and many have yet to return (like my parents.) Satan uses everything to keep the Word from being preached. Our new Pastor has held firm to the Word. He is big on learning scripture and reading from the Bible so you know he is preaching from God’s Word. Good luck to your friend Postman. The Word is still wanted. He will find where God wants him!! God uses those who listen and actually those who don’t. lol To him be the glory and the praise!! Jesus is my absolute favorite person to talk about!! 😍🙌