Reply To: The Long Game….

  • kathryn.cascadiankate

    November 12, 2022 at 8:15 pm

    The church used to do education and medicine and food assistance and shelter for the poor and ran orphanages and adoption services and care for unwed mothers. People wanted to get all this in a ‘God free, no accountability venue’ and persecuted people and churches faithfully doing it.
    Medical care and surgery used to be very affordable and caring and doing what is best for the patient and family.
    Weakness of character, greed and wanting to enjoy more leisure and less public service led them to cede this to government.
    This had as much or more societal impact as watered down messages.
    My hope and joy is that the systems are being crashed and the sincere church and devout Christians will rise up and fix things.
    If you want to see a lot of miracles, if you want to have great faith and answered prayers, you MUST live in a situation that opens those opportunities.
    Days of Noah times, Ark of Jesus and ‘greater works than these’ response. Heaven is totally up for it!!