Reply To: Taverneers! May I Have Your Attention, Please…?

  • Catalantaxman

    August 18, 2022 at 8:48 am

    One more thing…try to stay the hell away from radiation therapy. My mother did do some chemotherapy, but she vowed that she would not do any radiation. Her doctors attempted to convince her to do it, but she stood her ground and convinced the surgeon to operate and remove the tumor without it. They really fought this idea ($$$), but in the end we won. And it turned out that the tumor was much smaller and in a less dangerous location (was feared to be right next to a blood vessel which would have made the operation very dangerous and the chance of reoccurrence very high) than the scans were showing. They did the surgery and 40 something biopsies and found nothing. We’re on year 4 since and she is still 100% cancer free. I guess what I’m saying is stick to your gut as well.