Reply To: A Tale of Two (three, four, five, six?) COVID’s…?

  • dana.acker

    June 17, 2022 at 7:38 pm

    A side note or two…; from the early days of Covid (if indeed that’s wha it was—I can call my dog a cat, but it doesn’t make it true) there was much ado about “super spreader” events, meant to discourage people from gathering, and not in the exercising of public health measures. We saw stadiums of sports fans, Trump rallies, Obama parties, and countless Thanksgiving and Christmas family get togethers, and yet there was no catastrophic rise in Covid cases, and this was back before most sensible people just began ignoring it. And yet, we have a small gathering, lots of open air, lots of natural distancing space, Covid numbers way down, and just about everybody there got positive home Covid test results, and varying degrees of sickness and even types of symptoms. Without getting too conspiratorial, this just doesn’t sound like the natural progression of a contagious disease to me.