Reply To: More Prophecy from Dylan….

  • kathryn.cascadiankate

    May 6, 2022 at 2:20 am

    I recommend RoseRed Homestead on youtube for instructions. If you get it wrong on the meat with botulism it doesn’t cook out and can be fatal. She is a college professor and goes into careful detail and instructs in using traditional stovetop big pot pressure canners and the new countertop automatic ones.
    She is a prepper and recommends you get the USDA canning and preserving guide for off-grid.
    So far, I have canned lots of ground beef and bison, made bison burgers that we sear, chicken, turkey, kielbasa, chicken sausage, lots of stew and taco meat chunks. I also have had good results getting the big 4 lb ‘fake crab’ chunks from Costco and breaking them up to get them in smaller pieces and then adding chili lime or a savory seasoning before canning. All of these are great for making quick meals even if everything isn’t going down the tubes.
    I think the meat has been contaminated so we used a magnet to test packages last fall and limited purchases since then to the fake crab. I found a package of the Costco regular ground beef and a few steaks that pulled on the magnet and if we get more, it will be raised by someone local we know.