Reply To: Mechanical Engineer/Designer, 3D Printing

  • Cracker5

    June 21, 2021 at 12:17 pm

    Hey Josh, I have my own business and I do engineering and product development for multiple companies. Mostly I print prototypes of the parts I design for these companies, but the printers are also valuable for things we need around the house that can’t be easily purchased or even exist. They are very handy tools.

    As far as wood working goes, I have built furniture in the past and other projects for folks. But really, I enjoy anything that needs to be made of wood. The only thing that really sucks right now is, the artificially inflated prices for lumber/wood, it is disgusting how these corrupt corporations exploit us to make more $. Thankfully there is always some wood around that can be repurposed, so I always keep an eye out for that.