Reply To: The De-Population Campaign

  • Nelson

    June 17, 2021 at 2:46 am

    Ok here’s a conspiracy theory that i made up (that I don’t believe at all). I had this thought today: “what if the injections were actually protection against some kind of TOTAL depopulation mechanism to be deployed in 2022- one that l affected only people who refused the shot?” That way the ENTIRE opposition would be wiped out, and the farm animal-esque people who got the injection would be left?! It would be an instant, perfectly clean transition to global slavery with only willing particpants.

    Obviously this isn’t the case, but can you imagine if they could do something like that? Do you think they discussed it? Funded an investigation? AGAIN/ this is obviously not the case. But did they war game that out?

    What do you think.