Reply To: The De-Population Campaign

  • maryoooo

    June 20, 2021 at 11:17 pm

    this was a good video, from an honest woman. she rejected profit, chose integrity instead. too bad they don’t ALL stand up like she did. if the medical community walked out like they should, we would win. it’s so disappointing: it seems like 70% of mankind are just money whores, scared. I DO understand having to feed your family but …

    at one point in the video, she states that CVC drugstore advertised paying pharmacists a weekly salary of $6500 (i believe she said the norm is $800). money whores.

    and it gets really old hearing people quoted as saying “I didn’t know” (her fellow pharmacists, regarding jab side-effects) – no, you don’t WANT to know.

    there, vented.

    she is a good woman.