Greg Abbott Wants Texas To Become Semiconductor Hub As Supply Chain Crisis Impacts Key Industries

Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) wants the Lone Star State to become a hub for semiconductor manufacturing as critical industries are impacted by the global supply chain crisis.

During an interview with Fox Business on Sunday, Abbott argued that the United States miscalculated when it outsourced the manufacturing of certain key materials.

“The country made a mistake over the past one or two decades to farm out manufacturing of all these essential supplies,” said Abbott, “whether it be now semiconductors or could be health care supplies that we needed during the time of COVID, whatever the case may be, we need to not depend upon China or other countries for our essential needs, for things like semiconductors.”

“That is exactly why Texas actually is leading the way, becoming the home for semiconductors that go into everything that people use,” he continued. “It’s not just your iPhone or your laptop or whatever the case may be. It’s also in all of these vehicles where you have manufacturing going on.” – READ MORE