Forbes stealth-edits article explaining ‘yes, the vaccine changes your DNA’

A Forbes article that takes aim at “anti-vaxxers” for claiming that the COVID-19 vaccine “changes your DNA” — arguing that technically it does and that’s a good thing — had its headline changed without explanation to emphasize that the vaccines “don’t alter your DNA.”

In a column published Monday that was originally titled, “Yes, The Vaccine Changes Your DNA. A Tiny Bit. That’s A Good Thing,” Steven Salzberg explains how a person’s immune system slightly alters their DNA after taking any vaccine, in the same way the body responds to any infection, like the common cold. Salzberg is a computational biologist and computer scientist with Johns Hopkins University and co-founder of the influenza virus sequencing project.

However, sometime after publication, the article’s headline was changed to, “Covid Vaccines Don’t Alter Your DNA – They Help Choose Cells To Strengthen Your Immune Response.”

No editor’s note or other explanation for the change was given by Forbes. While the original headline summarized Salzberg’s argument, the new headline appears to slightly contradict what he wrote.- READ MORE