Fight Back: Here’s How People Are Legally Resisting Dystopian Diktats to Get a Covid Shot or Be Fired

Ben Franklin said, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Millions of Americans now fully understand what Franklin meant.

The effort to segregate unvaccinated from vaccinated people by public edict is a dangerous place that we haven’t crossed in this country since segregation, World War II internment, and eugenics, according to civil rights attorney Robert Barnes.

He’s fighting back against what he calls “the trilogy of infamy.”

Democrats are back to preaching segregation. They’re back to cheering masks. They’re back to pushing segregation.

I thought the 1870s Ku Klux Klan was dead, but they’re back today in the liberal Democratic Party.

These are atrocities.

Somebody has to stand up, and by golly, some of us will.

What’s to be done?

Barnes said on his program “Viva and Barnes Law for the People” on and Rumble that there’s an array of actual and planned lawsuits by people who have been threatened with job loss, mask mandates, and less freedom.- READ MORE