Federal Reserve Warns Employees Not to Use ‘Biased’ Terms Like ‘Founding Fathers’

Employees of the Federal Reserve received some guidance from the Board of Governors back in April on how to communicate properly both in-house and with the public. As you might expect, it was an adventure in wokeness.

“Try to avoid words and phrases that may be considered offensive, pejorative, or prejudiced (whether consciously or unconsciously), as these can distract your audience from the ideas/information you’re trying to convey,” the guidance explained.

For most rational, sane human beings, it’s “distracting” to have this painfully conscious attempt to rid the language of perceived “bias.” In fact, it’s downright jarring when you’re forced to try and understand why someone wouldn’t want to communicate as clearly as possible.

Fox News: The guidance contains a list of “biased terms” to avoid, including “blacklist,” “grandfathered,” and “Founding Fathers.” Employees are instructed to use terms like “denied,” “legacy,” and “Founders” instead.

The Fed also said the terms “whitelisted, “manpower,” “manmade,” and “singular generic pronouns” – such as “he,” she,” “his,” and “hers” – should be replaced with more “bias-free” alternatives like “allowed,” “artificial,” and pronouns such as “they,” “their” and “theirs.”

This is not an attempt to eliminate “bias.” The bias will be there no matter what words are used. It’s silly to imagine otherwise. This is no less than an attempt to eliminate gender distinctions and mutilate the language to make it incomprehensible. – READ MORE