Doctor calls for lockdown for … the VACCINATED!

A German doctor is calling for a two-month lockdown to fight COVID-19 – for the vaccinated.

A report at Free West Media explains Dr. Kenan Katmer believes those people are “the biggest virus spreaders.”

Free West reported,” According to a report by the WAZ, the doctor runs a family doctor’s practice in Altenbochum, where he also offers Corona tests and vaccinations. From the results of the tests in his own practice and the four test centers in Bochum, he was able to conclude that ’90 percent of the positive people who were tested by me were vaccinated.'”

Further, he said those people – the vaccinated – “think that with the vaccination the Coronavirus will no longer harm them, but that is a fallacy.”

He said a two-month lockdown “only for vaccinated people should be declared by public health authorities. If these restrictions were then adhered to, the contacts reduced and the vaccination campaign continued, ‘the pandemic would then end quickly.'” – READ MORE