Connecticut Allows Patients, Their Doctors, and Local Health Officials to Access COVID-19 Vaccination Records

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont issued an executive order that allows patients and their doctors to access patients’ own COVID-19 vaccination digital records stored in the state information system. The order also permits local health officials and school nurses to access the vaccination status of people in their communities.

Gov. Lamont announced on Thursday that patients and their health care providers would be granted access to patients’ COVID-19 vaccination history, according to a statement.

Connecticut state statutes currently prevent vaccination records from being released to patients and health care providers, the statement said.

The decree will allow individuals to obtain a copy of their immunization records to satisfy vaccine mandates put in place by employers and businesses.

Health care providers will be allowed to see their patient’s vaccination history, for example, if they needed to administer vaccine boosters, instead of keeping track of it on their own, the statement said.

Local health authorities will be permitted to access the vaccination status of people within their jurisdictions to assess the vaccination status of their community, the statement said.- READ MORE