Colorado family stranded in Afghanistan after flight home is canceled

A man from Colorado is working as hard as he can to bring his wife and children home, who are currently stuck in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The father, who wished to remain anonymous, said his wife called him on Saturday and said that the Taliban was all over the city, FOX 31 reported. She and her children were apparently visiting family in Afghanistan when the Taliban invaded.

The man said that his wife wanted to come home, so he booked a flight through Turkish Airlines for Sunday, according to FOX 31. Unfortunately, the flight was canceled several hours before it was scheduled to depart.

“My wife and my daughters for now are hiding in a house in Kabul,” the concerned father told FOX 31.

He continued, “I think it’s chaos. There are a lot of lives in danger.”

Fellow Coloradan Patrick Allen is a retired U.S. Army Special Forces colonel who served in Afghanistan. After being contacted by the father, he’s trying to help bring the family home. So far, he’s reached out U.S. Representative Jason Crow for help. – READ MORE