CNN’s Don Lemon calls for ‘rules’ to force vaccinations: ‘It has nothing to do with freedom … liberty’

CNN’s Don Lemon ranted Thursday against individuals who’ve not yet been vaccinated against the coronavirus and called for “rules” to be put in place that would force people to take a vaccine.

“I don’t know if we can get this under control, and we had the opportunity to,” Lemon told fellow CNN host Chris Cuomo during a discussion on the Delta variant of the coronavirus. “None of this had to happen. Children didn’t have to start getting sick. If we didn’t allow this virus to mutate and this variant to catch on, we could’ve had this under control.”

Lemon claimed the only people to blame were the unvaccinated themselves and that they were responsible for putting the country “in the position that we’re in.” He stated he wasn’t “shaming” unvaccinated people and that he was just telling the truth, but then stopped himself to suggest that maybe they should be “shamed.”

Cuomo and Lemon both agreed in criticizing the CDC for not releasing the newest data that it says prompted the updated mask guidance to include vaccinated individuals in high transmission areas of the virus. They also suggested it should be more out front with its messaging. – READ MORE