China tests port-destroying bomb

China’s military recently carried out a test of a bomb designed to destroy U.S. Navy bases and civilian ports.

The People’s Liberation Army Naval Research Academy set off the underwater explosion in simulating an attack at a Chinese naval port on a “hostile high-piled wharf,” the state-run Global Times reported Oct. 25.

“The underwater explosives were successfully detonated and fully demolished the wharf with a powerful explosion,” the report said. “The test gathered a large amount of data that can be used in future combat for attacking enemy ports, which can contribute to cutoff of enemy supply lines,” the story stated, quoting PLA experts.

The location of the test was not disclosed.

PLA Navy Capt. Zhao Pengduo, deputy director of the naval port demolition test program, told Chinese state television that naval bases and ports are “hubs” used for military logistics that supply munitions and fuel. – READ MORE