Bills’ Isaiah McKenzie gets vaccinated days after NFL fines him almost $15K for violating mask policy

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie has gotten vaccinated just days after getting fined nearly $15,000 for violating the NFL’s mask policy.

McKenzie, 26, shared the update on his Instagram Stories Saturday morning, showing his vaccination card with a caption that read “for the greater good.”

On Thursday, McKenzie shared a letter from the NFL informing him that he had been fined $14,6500 for violating the league’s mask policy while in a team facility.

“Your refusal to wear a mask occurred after you were informed that it was required for unvaccinated players as set forth in your 2021 club discipline schedule and as reiterated by signage throughout the club facility stating that unvaccinated players may be subject to fines/discipline for failing to wear a mask,” the memo read. “Your refusal to wear a mask also occurred shortly after league staff gave a presentation on Aug. 25 regarding the NFL-NFLPA COVID-19 Protocols (the ‘Protocols’), including the mask-wearing requirement and that unvaccinated players are subject to fines/discipline for refusal to wear a mask. In addition, by letter dated July 27, 2021, you received a written warning for refusing to wear a mask and were specifically advised that ‘future violations of the Protocols will result in increased discipline, including for conduct detrimental.’ Still, as noted above, you again refused to wear a mask at the club facility.” – READ MORE