Biden’s 1st Foreign Trip Off To Disastrous Start As UK Lawmaker Brands Him ‘Senile’

Remember when the establishment media told us that our friends and foes across the world were collectively laughing at us when former President Donald Trump was running the show?

Some of those people are certainly laughing now — if they aren’t fuming.

One British politician reportedly called President Joe Biden “senile” this week as he makes his first trip abroad as commander in chief to attend a G-7 summit in the U.K.

The Sun reported that the globalist Democrat has already ruffled some feathers in Britain, sticking his nose into a dispute involving Brexit, the European Union and sausage.


One member of Parliament — described by Politico only as a “conservative Brexiteer” — had harsh words for Biden on Thursday.

“America should remember who their allies are,” the MP said. “Unfortunately he’s so senile that he probably won’t remember what we tell him anyway. Unless an aide is listening I’m not sure he’s going to remember for very long.” – READ MORE


  1. Classic. Where are all the Xiden supporters now? In fact, I called this in the running. He displays every sign of my late Father-in-law who passed of Alzheimer’s. Even when Pelosi resurrected the 25th, I thought it was for Xiden

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