Biden State Department Banning Russian Ammo amid Ammo Crunch

President Joe Biden’s Department of State is banning the importation of Russian ammunition at a time when the demand for ammo continues to keep in-store inventories slim.

On Sunday, the NRA-ILA reported a State Department release focused on Russia, indicating, “[n]ew and pending permit applications for the permanent importation of firearms and ammunition manufactured or located in Russia will be subject to a policy of denial.”

The NRA-ILA observed, “Ammunition exports to the United States are only a small percentage of the GDP of the Russian Federation, but Russian origin ammo makes up a large part of the American ammunition supply.” spoke with Charles Brown of MKS Supply, the largest American importer of Russian ammo, and learned that “roughly 40 percent of the ammunition sold in the U.S. originates from Russian sources.”

The Russian ammo, made by “companies such as Wolf, Tula and Barnaul,” has been a cheaper price option for buyers during the rush on ammo that began in spring of 2020 and continues now. – READ MORE