Anthony Fauci: ‘It May Be that We Will Have to Boost People Intermittently’

Public health officials may want to “boost people intermittently” with vaccines for the Chinese coronavirus, Dr. Anthony Fauci told Face the Nation’s Margaret Brennan on Sunday.

Brennan asked Fauci if people will need to be boosted “every six to eight months,” and he left the door wide open to that possibility.

“And that’s what we don’t know,” Fauci said, explaining it could be “conceivable” that a booster shot will provide a mild form of protection and “make the durability go well beyond six months and even longer.”

“Or it may be that we will have to boost people intermittently the way we do it with influenza,” he said, emphasizing that they “do not know definitively what that course is going to be. ”

“Whether it’s going to be a three shot and you’re done or three shots and then every once in a while you have to reboost. We’ll have to see how things roll out. Otherwise, we just can’t say something and guess about it,” he said.- READ MORE