Americans Defy CDC’s Mask Recommendations Across the Country

Americans are defying the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Chinese coronavirus mask recommendations across country, after the agency burdened citizens with them Tuesday.

According to Axios, few Americans are masking up to meet the demands of the CDC in cities like Gastonia, North Carolina, Des Moines, Iowa, Tampa Bay, Florida, the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and Denver, Colorado.

“It’s nowhere near as common as it was in the winter. Attitudes about wearing them are mixed; most people are just fed up with having to be careful and ready to return to normal life,” Axios continued before noting that “there’s a familiar tension between urban and rural areas in this purple state.”

An individual in Missouri told Axios most people will not go back to wearing masks.

“I seriously doubt most people are going back to wearing masks everywhere and staying home. This week, I picked up a pizza in Jane, Missouri and saw no workers or customers wearing masks,” the person stated.

Indeed, the New York Post published an article Thursday which highlights the “pent-up frustration and resentment over the inconvenience” and “loss of freedom” from being forced to wear face coverings – READ MORE