America Is Being Held Hostage by a Progressive Left That Represent 6% of the Electorate

The radical left has taken over the culture. From racialized and sexualized curriculum in K-12 to the American Medical Association policing the language of its members to ensure that it is “inclusive,” the ideologies from the university sociology department are being shoved down America’s throat. You are not supposed to believe your own lying eyes, and a person’s lived experience supersedes all objective data. Now, the word “woke” is problematic, even though the progressives coined it.

If you violate the ever-changing rules of the woke coalition, you can lose your social media account, your reputation, and even your job. They govern what you can watch, how movies get cast, and who wins the awards. Even comedians, who are supposed to touch the third rail, are subjected to the wrath of their offense. Words are violence, and violence is speech. Men can be women and shut up bigots.

These narratives are so overwhelming that one may assume that a large portion of the population shares them. However, a new Pew Research study debunks that idea. So the next time you are sitting in a corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion training session, remember that only 6% of the population thinks this way. Pew Research refers to them as the Progressive Left. According to the study results:

Progressive Left are more liberal than the three other Democratic-oriented groups on many issues. For example, while majorities in all four of these groups favor a bigger government providing more services, Progressive Left are most likely to express this view. When asked a follow-up question about how much bigger the government should be, 63% of Progressive Left say government services should “greatly expand” from current levels – a far higher share than any other group.

Their liberal outlook is not limited to issues related to the size and scope of government. Their views on race and racial equality also distinguish them from other typology groups: Sizable majorities say White people benefit from societal advantages that Black people do not have and that most U.S. institutions need to be completely rebuilt to ensure equal rights for all Americans regardless of race or ethnicity.